Needle Value

Posted by Norm Musgrove on February 08, 2013 (0 Comments)


Once the needle applicator has been applied to the top of the 4oz spout-top bottle, you will be able to apply just a drip of Drislide to the smallest of applications. The needle applicator also comes in very handy for lubricant cables on motorcycles, bicycles, ATV's and any other equipment that has cables, whether in a cable sleeve or exposed. 

The way the needle is designed (very thin), you are able to place the tip of the needle in the opening of the cable sleeve. Then you squeeze the bottle just enough, to allow the Drislide to work its way down the inside of the cable sleeve by way of gravity. Lubricating the cable to the point of preventing freeze-up or snapping, rust & corrosion. Extending the life of the cable.

We were also told that because of the needle applicator, it saves a half an hour down-time for motorcycle maintenance shops, all across the country.

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