Robotic Grease

Dri-Slide* Robotic Grease LG-01-02 and LG- 03 is a base grease of polyurea NLGI No. 2  grease, designed for use with Industrial Robots and meets GMF Robotics (Fanuc) Specifications. The LG 01-02 is the thicker robotic grease, out of the product line. The LG 01-02 contains an excellent tackifier which enables the grease to stay where it is put, with less run off than typical lithium greases. It provides excellent adhesion to horizontal and vertical robot slide bars, tracks, gear racks and bearings. The LG-03 is a thinner robotic grease. The LG-03 is specially formulated for worm gears.  A "tackiness" additive with anti-wear agents.  Viscosity is reduced with a thinning agent which allows grease to reflow (flow backward) instead of gathering at one end of worm and helical gears. The LG 01-02 & LG-03 were also produced with a lower zinc content, in which we sell a small amount of.