Drislide Needle Applicator, 3.5 inches


Dri-Slide* 3.5" Needle Applicator, made to fit all Dri-Slide* 4oz. plastic spout top bottles, including the Bike-Aid, Multi-Purpose, and Weapons Lubricant. Self threads on spout top bottles. Designed to fit into a cable sleeve, with the cable still in it. Very thin, fragile needle that allows just a drop of Drislide in the smallest places. Great way to lubricate the inside of many lock assemblies, including car locks and door locks, and perfect for lubricating harder to reach areas. 

**PLEASE NOTE**: If interested in placing an order for only the individual Needle Applicators, please call in your order at (614) 291-6900 or email orders@drislide.com to save on shipping costs. To ship 1 to 10 needles in a padded envelope via the USPS for $5.00 versus a package via UPS ground that will range from $9 to $14 for freight costs on the website.  
Drislide Needle Applicator, 3.5 inches
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  • Drislide Needle Applicator, 3.5 inches