Bearings (open)

 Dri-Slide* Molybdenum Disulfide ("Moly") based dry lubricants are formulated for use in harsh environments, at extreme temperatures, and under extreme pressures. Bearings can get very hot, under extreme pressure and cook-off, what ever lubricant or grease, that was applied. Once applied, Drislide leaves a dry film of moly, bonded to the bearings, withstanding those hot temperatures and preventing less wear and tear on the bearings. We call it "moly-coated bearings". Dri-Slide* lubricants provide long-lasting dry film protection, does not attract dirt, dust, or other airborne contaminants, repels moisture and prevent rust and corrosion. Another great choice, may be the Drislide EP Liquid Grease, in an aerosol can. It's just that, a moly grease, in an aerosol can.