Fragile Needle

Posted by Norm Musgrove on February 08, 2013 (0 Comments)


The Drislide Needle Applicator is very Fragile. Made of a very thin steel stem, crimped to a base or hub, to self-thread the needle applicator onto the top of our 4oz plastic spout top bottles. Damaging these needles may include denting, bending and breaking. (Replacement needles available on website).

Needle may also clog. This happens when the rubber tip is left off the top of the needle too long. A rubber tip is provided with every needle and should be placed back on the tip of the needle when not in use. If the rubber tip is left off the top of the needle too long, air gets down in the needle, drying up the moly inside the needle and causing a clog.

Suggestions on unclogging the needle: allow to soak overnight in mineral spirits, rubbing alcohol, or possibly a degreaser parts cleaner. Not sure if soapy water will help. After an overnight soaking, if available, blow air through the needle to clear. The use of a can of office air-duster may help. We've been told that some have had success threading a thin string through the needle like a guitar string to push through and break up the clog. 

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